ABC Silent After Roseanne’s Horrifically Racist Outburst At Obama Advisor

Americans are already calling for ABC to cancel Roseanne Barr’s TV show because of her vocal support of Donald Trump, so you know what is the last thing she needs? A scandal involving racist shit coming out of her racist mouth. Unfortunately, Roseanne hasn’t traditionally been the sharpest knife in the box of mixed metaphors.

Responding to a thread on Twitter regarding how corrupt that dastardly criminal Obama is (as opposed to her hero Donald Trump), Roseanne probably helped kill a lot of washed-up actors and actresses’ careers.

Naturally, the conversation turned as it regularly does in Trumpistan to African-American Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.

“Jarrett helped a lot,” someone replied. Naturally, Roseanne jumped straight to calling her a Muslim ape.

Naturally, when people called her a racist, her defense was that “Muslims r NOT a race” and It was a joke.”

You see, it’s funny because the Muslim Brotherhood is a name that is thrown around every time conservatives talk about Obama and they think Muslims are inherently evil — and because, get this, “ape” is a term racists use to dehumanize black folks. Hahahahahahaha — wait, why aren’t you laughing?

Like you, most people didn’t quite get the “joke.”

While ABC has gone out of their way to say nothing about Roseanne’s racist outburst (they did announce another season¬†well after the¬†tweet was sent, however), she attempted to stave off disaster by saying she’s “sorry.” She also promised to leave Twitter, which would be kind of awesome:

It’s time to stop giving this racist cracker a platform.