Trump Supporting Hannity Guest Tells All, Chronicles Trump Adviser’s Creepy Stalking In The Rain

A.J. Delgado was one of the poster children of Donald Trump’s supposed Latino/Latina support in the 2016 election. She was even a pundit on the Fox News show of Trump’s number one cheerleader, Sean Hannity. However, there is a dark side to her time in the spotlight, and she seems to be speaking out now.

Delgado is now chronicling a harrowing tale of being stalked in the rain by a Trump adviser – despite her ardent on-air support for the illegitimate orange excuse for a “president.” Delgado says that Jason Miller, who regularly defends Trump on CNN’s airwaves, stalked her and filmed her home as she made her way to her house in the pouring rain. Apparently the two were once romantically involved, but the relationship has since ended. Delgado made her disgruntled state known via Twitter on Sunday, saying:

After she started tweeting about what Miller did to her, Delgado apparently is facing legal troubles. She later tweeted that Miller’s lawyers are trying to silence her via the law, as can be seen above.

Now, I am no fan of A.J. Delgado. She spent, like so many pundits have, the last two years on the air defending Donald Trump and helping him to destroy the nation. I am definitely no fan of that. But, if these things happened, she deserves to be heard. Let’s just hope that whatever gag orders Jason Miller puts forth and Trump’s thugs cannot silence her if this is indeed true.

Featured image via video screen capture