Donald Trump Held A Meeting About Leakers And That Was Immediately Leaked

Kelly Sadler’s name just keeps popping up. The first we had ever heard of the White House aide was after she mocked Sen. John McCain, saying that his opposition to Donald Trump’s pick for CIA director doesn’t matter because “he’s dying anyway.” It’s like everyone in Trump’s orbit is in a race to the bottom. We only knew about her nasty remark because the details leaked.  After Sadler’s remark, Trump held a meeting in the Oval Office for a few communications staffers, according to what sources familiar with the gathering told Jonathan Swan of Axios.

Sadler, Mercedes Schlapp, Raj Shah, and John Kelly all gathered in front of the Resolute Desk for a conversation with Trump about the leaking problem. They were the only people in the room, though the door to the outer Oval was open.

Trump assured Sadler that her job was safe even though some had called for her to be fired. And the former reality show star made sure everyone knew that he wasn’t a fan of McCain’s.

Trump then told Sadler that he wanted to know who the leakers were and the White House aide then threw her boss under the bus. She said it was Schlapp, her boss. After Sadler’s nasty remark was leaked to the press, Schlapp came to her defense, so obviously, that loyalty was not returned. “You can put this on the record: I stand with Kelly Sadler,” she said at the time. And now Sadler is saying that her boss is one of the worst leakers.

At that point, some of Schlapp’s colleagues came to her defense. Meanwhile, Sadler went on to name other people she also suspected of being leakers.

You know who does know who the leakers are? Jonathan Swan from Axios, that’s who, because the meeting about the leakers was leaked to him.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0.