Everyone Can’t Stop Laughing After George Zimmerman Reveals He’s Millions In Debt With No Income

George Zimmerman, the ‘man’ who fatally shot unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012, is $2.5 million in debt and has no income, according to paperwork in his misdemeanor stalking case. That was revealed after Zimmerman filed in Seminole County court to be represented by the Public Defender’s Office, which has since been granted. The conservative hero is in trouble for stalking and harassing a private investigator. Public Defender Blaise Trettis filed a not-guilty plea for Zimmerman and a request for a jury trial on his behalf. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the killing of Trayvon Martin that brought Zimmerman down, but this might do it.

Social media users looked for fucks to give, but apparently, everyone has run out.

I don’t know who would lend that human train wreck $2.5 million but it doesn’t look like they’ll ever get it back.

Image via screen capture.