Someone Threw Water At Racist Fox News Ditz Tomi Lahren And It Was Glorious

You know how when a cat is clawing your couch you give it a spritz of water? Well, when a racist piece of shit goes out in public, it’s like she’s clawing a gigantic couch so a simple spritz isn’t enough. In fact, a whole glass is something that almost approaches appropriate for the situation.

Video of someone ruining racist Fox News piece of shit Tomi Lahren’s day by throwing water on her is going viral and it’s, well, hilarious. Lahren and her mother walked into Saturday brunch at a restaurant in Minneapolis only to find that the rest of society doesn’t want them around.

And the crowd went wild. A woman threw water on Tammy or whatever her name is, and  “literally the entire restaurant started cheering” according to a witness.

The “attack” (as conservatives are portraying it) did not go unprovoked. When she noticed the group of people at the table at which the water thrower was sitting scowling at her, she snarkily said, “Just another day in the life.”

Then she got a bunch of water thrown on her. Tonya’s mother then tried to grab an empty glass from the water thrower’s hand, but the woman deftly avoided the attempted glass theft and yelled “Fuck Tomi” at mother dearest repeatedly.

Bouncer Jeremy Jackson stepped in, but it is pretty clear that he didn’t want to throw out the thrower.

“I said [to Tomi] ‘I’d like to separate you all if can please –’ and she responded, ‘You’re just going to kick me out for them throwing water? Unbelievable,’” he told The Blast. He attempted to explain to the Fox host that they were being separated and that she was not being kicked out, but she was too stupid to get it. Tinkles stormed out because it gave her the opportunity to play the victim and Jackson eventually escorted the water thrower from the venue — but she was a hero to all who witnessed this glorious event.

So if you’re wondering why Donald Trump tweeted in support of Tonya, this is why.

It’s worth noting that he didn’t even want to call African-American waffle house hero James Shaw Jr. and that he doesn’t visit the families of victims of school shootings unless it’s for a photo-op. But a racist white woman got water thrown on her, so that was definitely worthy of his time.