Conservative Teases ‘Conversation’ With Stormy Daniels, Turns Out He Just Paid For A Photo

Turning Point USA staffer and right-wing activist Richard Armande Mills posted a photo of himself with Stormy Daniels on Twitter Saturday morning with the caption, “I can’t wait to tell you all about the conversation and I just had about .”

While this was obviously intended to get people talking about what she could have possibly disclosed to him about her attorney, it turns out he’s just some pervert who is willing to pay to have his picture taken with a porn star.

Daniels fired back and, well, this had to hurt a lot.

“We didn’t have a ‘conversation’, You paid for pic& took a pic,” Daniels replied before embarrassing the fuck out of this opportunistic conservative douchebag. “You said my attorney was great. I agreed&said he knows it, too.”

“I complimented your skin & you left,” she added. “Entire exchange was about 30 seconds. Good thing I have a security camera on all my meet&greets.”

Naturally, everyone is laughing at Mr. Mills.

Ouch. That probably would have hurt if this dude existed in the same reality as the rest of us.