Ivanka Trump Sat In Putin’s Chair And Spun Like A Kremlin Princess

When monumental idiot Ivanka Trump and one of her even dumber brothers visited the Kremlin in 2006, she had a special request to make of Vladimir Putin: she wanted to play in his chair.

According to one of Donald Trump’s business associates, Ivanka and Don Jr. were visiting Russia with Felix Sater when the Trump kids asked to tour the Russian capital. Sater phoned a friend — a Russian billionaire — who called in a favor and sure enough, a fleet of cars and guards showed up to escort Ivanka and Don Jr. through Putin’s home.

When a tour guide pointed out Putin’s office, Ivanka had a request that caused a guard to ask, “Are you crazy?”

“I said, ‘What is she going to do, steal a pen?’” Sater says. Then Ivanka did something very weird — she sat in Putin’s chair and spun around like a little Kremlin princess:

“He let us in. She sat behind the desk, spun in the chair twice, and that was that.”

This occurred during an attempt to secure permission to build a gigantic tower in Moscow — an ongoing effort since 1987. During the 2006 visit, Sater was with a development company called the Bayrock Group, a company linked to numerous shady Trump deals.

The Trumps are a bunch of children, and unfortunately, they have the potential to destroy the country.