Black Woman Forcibly Strip-Searched By Macy’s Employees Because ‘People Like You Have Been Stealing’

Lately, we have seen numerous examples of white people calling the cops on black folks seemingly for no better reason than their skin color but while these horrible douchebags typically wait for the cops to arrive hoping to see a murder, the staff at a Macys in San Jose didn’t even bother calling the cops; they decided to have their own hate party when they decided without evidence that a black woman was stealing from the store.

“They searched my purse and stripped my sweater off me,” says Conteh Moore, an African-American woman who was falsely accused to stealing a bottle of cologne.

Of course, the employees found nothing, but they were sure to let Moore know that she was just the right amount of black to be a thief.

“She said people like you have been stealing from Macy’s, stealing stuff,” Moore, who was loudly accused in front of other customers, says. “I feel so humiliated, and up until now, I am still feeling the pain.” She was forced to wait two hours to talk to a manager.

Macy’s, of course, issued the typical boilerplate apology after the incident:

“We apologize. The situation is currently under investigation and is being reviewed. Macy’s is a company that values acceptance, respect, and integrity and does not tolerate discrimination of any type.”

This is the sort of behavior that is being normalized in Trump’s America. It’s up to us to call attention to every single disgusting racist incident like this and remind everyone that this is not normal.

Watch a report on this latest example of how America is becoming “great again” below: