White Woman Calls Cops On Black Investor Because He Doesn’t Belong In ‘Her’ Neighborhood

Recently, we have seen numerous examples of black men and women having the cops called on them by bigoted white people just for being black. The latest example of this is investor Michael Hayes, who showed up at a house in Memphis, Tennessee to check out his potential new investment — a dilapidated home he wanted to fix up.

Hayes did nothing wrong and even had an investment contract in hand and put a sign in the yard indicating what he was doing — but that didn’t stop the nosy and racist-as-fuck white neighbor from deciding he didn’t belong there and telling him to get out of “her” neighborhood.

The woman asked Hayes what he was doing, so he showed her the investment contract as well as written permission from the current owner to be on the property — but that wasn’t good enough for the cracker next door, who called the police.

The cops who showed up were surprisingly cordial and didn’t even shoot him or beat him or anything. In fact, they told the neighbor to let him do his job. She agrees that he can do his job in the most “not-racist” way possible: “Hurry up, do it, and get out!”

The officers tell the woman that he can take all the time he needs and even stay to make sure he can do his job.

This is exactly how law enforcement should handle the situation when crazy white people call the police on a person for being too black, but as we have seen from recent events, too many cops immediately decide that black skin equals a problems — a potentially fatal error that has time and again led to black men, women, and children losing their lives or coming to harm.

Watch the video below: