WATCH: Dumbass Ivanka Trump Can’t Even Say Our Country’s Name Correctly

Ivanka Trump is an idiot just like the rest of her dumbass family, but if you need a perfect example you should consider that she is incapable of so much as saying the name of our country properly.

Ivanka, a woman who thinks her kid had a “birthday” at 8 months old because apparently words don’t have meaning anymore, was gleefully speaking at the opening of her daddy’s Jerusalem embassy as Israeli forces slaughtered unarmed protesters wholesale (including a baby) when she managed to somehow fuck up the name of our country.

“On behalf of the 45th President of the United States on America,” she says while the assembled crowd of morons claps. Naturally, everyone on the internet laughed at her — especially since she appeared to check the correct name of our country on the plaque next to her as she said it:

Is this how we make America great again?