Mitt Romney Slams Trump For Sending Anti-Semitic Preacher To Open U.S. Embassy In Israel

Donald Trump is a bigot. He surrounds himself with bigots. However, just when we thought the horrors of the discrimination in this White House could get no worse – surprise, they do. Trump has decided that Robert Jeffress, a man who says Jews will go to hell and that Mormonism is a cult, should be the one to travel to Jerusalem to open the U.S. Embassy there and deliver a prayer. Of course, most Republicans are, once again, silent on this latest outrage, but there is one prominent Republican who is currently running for the United States Senate who is speaking out: Mitt Romney.

Romney took to Twitter to lambast the decision to have the bigoted Baptist preacher deliver the prayer:

Now, full disclosure: I am no fan of Mitt Romney or his policies, and the way he kissed Trump’s ass in an effort to become Secretary of State after the 2016 election was nothing short of pathetic. But, I gotta give it to him – he does speak out when he sees fit, even if it might cost him votes with Trump’s bigoted base in his Senate race. Granted, Romney is running to replace retiring Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, so he’s a pretty sure bet to win, but still. In Trump’s Republican Party, daring to do anything but be a million percent ride or die is not an easy political choice to make. But, Romney has PLENTY of experience doing that, considering the fact that he delivered a lengthy rebuke of Trump during the 2016 campaign, and was mercilessly attacked by the orange one’s supporters for doing so. As a reminder, here is video of that speech:

So, hats off to Mitt Romney on this one. Now, all we have to do is wait for Trump to attack him for daring to speak his mind and call out the bigotry that permeates the every move of Trump’s sorry excuse for a White House. Now, we just sit and wait for Trump’s childish response, and once again hang our heads in collective shame.

Featured image via video screen capture