Russian Companies Will Make A Lot Of Money Thanks To Trump Pulling Out Of Iran Deal

When Trump pulled out of the Iran deal, he didn’t just risk causing a global crisis and a new war in the Middle East — he also ensured that his rich Russian friends would get richer.

Russia has condemned Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal President Obama worked so hard to secure, but that’s all fluff — Russian companies stand to gain quite a bit from the United States’ nonparticipation.

“The deal and the lifting of sanctions in 2015 marked the return of European business to Iran. But it’s unlikely they can keep doing business today, giving room to Russia,” political scientist Vladimir Sotnikov says. “Russia can now go ahead at full speed.”

“European companies are more exposed to the US market, they must comply not to get into trouble. The Russians are less (exposed) and have less to lose,” Igor Delanoe, an analyst at the Franco-Russian Observatory group, explained, adding that Russia and Iran managed a good business relationship “without any fuss” before the deal was put in place.

“They are used to working within legal and economic constraints,” Delanoe says, adding that Russia has a “real role to play” in Iran’s energy and electricity sectors. “The US has systematically forced Iran to turn more towards Russia and China.”

“Russia wants to sell steel, transport infrastructure and other manufactured goods to Iran. The less competition from the US and the EU, the better,” Charlie Robertson, an analyst at Renaissance Capital, says. Both Russia and China have said that they intend to continue doing business with Iran. As Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov says, “we are not scared of sanctions.”

Part of the reason Russia is not scared of sanctions is that Trump repeatedly refuses to enforce sanctions against his friend Vladimir Putin’s country.

Another thing Russia has going for it is that the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran deal has pushed oil prices to their highest level since 2014, which Russia’s Alfa Bank calls a “great relief for the Russian market.”

Trump’s interest, as most of us know, has never been what is good for the United States — and this is yet another example of him putting Russian interests ahead of our own.

It’s time to get the butternut bigot out of office. As he said himself, you “either have a country or you don’t.” We need to remove him while we still do.