WH Chief Of Staff Goes On Insane Racist Rant About Immigration

Holy shitballs, is everyone associated with Trump a racist pile of garbage? This is the question that must be asked after White House Chief of Staff John Kelly spoke out to defend Trump’s awesome new border policy of separating undocumented children from their parents, which was announced alongside Melania Trump’s plagiarized “Be Best” campaign for kids.

Kelly told NPR in an interview that aired Friday that most of those who cross illegally into the United States are not bad people but that many of them are “overwhelmingly rural people” who would not “easily assimilate into the United States into our modern society.”

According to Kelly, immigrants have “fourth, fifth, sixth-grade education, ” which are “kind of the norm” and “don’t speak English,” which is “obviously” a “big thing.”

“They don’t integrate well,” Kelly says. “They don’t have skills.”

While the same could be said of many if not most of Trump’s supporters, the slightly darker skin tone of people coming to the United States seems to make a difference here.

This is the sort of racist bullshit that has become the norm under President* Donald Trump.

Listen to this bullshit below: