NRA Tells Members To ‘Protect The Crown’ As Trump Once Again Talks Lifelong Presidency

The Trump presidency is becoming pretty goddamn scary. On Thursday, Trump once again “joked” about his presidency lasting more than two terms. At the same time, the NRA warned members that Trump would likely be impeached and that the time may soon come to take up arms in his defense. No, this isn’t a joke.

“Make absolutely no mistake: If we lose the House, this president will, in fact, be impeached, there’s no question about it,” NRATV host Dan Bongino said. “It’s time for us to protect the crown, too.”

Realizing that he accidentally referred to Trump as an autocrat and suggested that members do their thing to defend him, Bongino later amended his statement, telling gun-toting neanderthalic NRA members simply, “Get out and vote.”

On its own, this might just appear like some jackass right-winger screaming about a revolution like it’s literally any day ending in “y.” But these remarks came following Trump’s latest comment about being President for Life.

“The new embassy, I said ‘when is it going to be open.’ They said ‘anywhere from five to 10 years,’ ” Trump said. “So, I said, ‘unless they give me an extension for the presidency, which I don’t think the fake news media would be too happy about.”

This, as mentioned, is only Trump’s most recent reference to lifelong presidency.

“I think it’s great,” Trump said recently after Chinese Communist President Xi Jinping managed to abolish term limits and effectively became President-for-Life. “Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.”

These remarks at a time Trump is floating the idea that media should have press credentials stripped for reporting negatively about him are downright frightening, and the longer we ignore the fascist elephant in the room, the worse they will get.

Trump wants to be “President-for-Life.” The NRA is gearing its armed and insane members up to resist any effort to remove him. This has the potential to get messy fast.

Watch Trump’s latest “President-for-Life” remarks below: