Trump Outright Says It: All Negative News Is ‘Fake’ And Must Be Shut Down

In case you haven’t been paying attention or have been in a coma since October 2016 or so and have missed the wacky, zany, terrifying things that have been happening in the United States lately, Donald Trump (that’s the guy who somehow was elected President because Hillary Clinton had a few IT issues and the media obsessed about it) isn’t a huge fan of the free press.

While some among us dismissed statements such as “just like Hitler” outright during the campaign, those of us who pointed out that Donald Trump is a fascist who wants to eliminate all media that speaks the truth about him as he consolidates power are proving to be correct.

He has now, like Hitler, classified all negative press coverage however accurate as “Fake” allegations from a “corrupt” media who wants to destroy him.

While it’s true that Trump hasn’t yet acted to shut down 91% of the media, his allies in Sinclair have been buying up local media (and forcing a pro-Trump message) for some time now. In addition, The Donald can generally expect a positive spin from Fox News, whose hosts are willing to lie shamelessly to protect and advance their President’s agenda.

But the important thing is that he wants to and is likely to try to shut down media he views as adversarial.

Our nation is in a crisis. It’s time we admit that. He’s told us what he wants to do. It’s up to us to stop it.