Track Palin’s Ex Reveals Horrific Physical Abuse She Suffered At His Hands

As Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts recently pointed out on Twitter, Sarah Palin’s son Track  “plead guilty to possessing a firearm while intoxicated after beating his girlfriend and threatening her with an AR-15. Then he beat his father and threatened to shoot him.”

This was in response to a rather insane tweet from Sarah Palin about the Parkland shooting in which she claims there was a “cover-up on the shooter.”

“He is still legally allowed to own guns,” Watts points out. “But do lecture us more about responsible gun ownership.”

Track Palin is a great example of the sort of person who should not be allowed to own a gun, as we saw perfectly demonstrated in his ex-girlfriend’s horrifying revelations about how bad of a human being Track Palin is.

Jordan Lowe spoke with the Daily Mail about life with Track Palin, and it sounds positively terrifying. Lowe provided the Mail with recordings of Track threatening to “bury” people and put them “in the ground.”

“He’s a violent person,” Lowe (or as Track calls her in a recording, “Fat C*nt”) says of the father of her son. “This is a really dangerous, unstable person.”

When Track tried to manipulate her by threatening to shoot himself, Lowe finally left him but discovered she was pregnant with his baby and went back. The violence, she says, continued.

She says Track would squeeze her head while “screaming profanities” at her and that when she was seven months pregnant he choked her. She stayed with him because he left her feeling like she had no other option, but ultimately left him for good after Track shoved her to the floor while she was holding their baby, who she says gave her the “strength to leave.”

Track Palin is but one of many people who should not have access to a gun. But the NRA and their GOP puppets work tirelessly to ensure his right to blasturbate where and with whomever he chooses. God bless America and such.

Watch the interview below: