MSNBC Viewers Have Had Enough, Insist That Hugh Hewitt Be Fired After Favors From Corrupt EPA Chief Revealed

MSNBC has always been the network for liberal politicos. After all, for years, their slogan was literally “Lean Forward.” They have a lineup of progressive programming from morning until night, and their network built up a solid progressive viewership. However, after awhile, they went to straight news during the day, and left the progressive programming for nighttime. Then, they started adding right-wing talking heads to their line-up – even going so far as to give the likes of Trump shill Hugh Hewitt his own show, despite the objections of many of their viewers. Well, it seems that the so-called progressive network has made a huge mistake by giving Hewitt a program – and in a HUGE way.

It has just been revealed that Hewitt has been on the take with corrupt and scandal-ridden Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt. According to Politico, Pruitt “placed a polluted California area on his personal priority list of Superfund sites targeted for ‘immediate and intense’ action after conservative radio and television host Hugh Hewitt brokered a meeting between him and lawyers for the water district that was seeking federal help to clean up the polluted Orange County site.”

Political pundits, journalists, and regular viewers alike were quick to hop on the fact that Hewitt could not keep being on television talking Pruitt up while taking these favors:

And the tweets are still rolling in. If MSNBC wants to keep what little progressive credentials they have left, they better get rid of the right-wing talking heads, and remember who their viewers are, what we want to see, and who put them on the map as a major political voice in network television.

Dump this Trump shill, and, while you’re at it, quit inviting Trump apologists onto your airwaves. It’s time to Lean Forward again, MSNBC, and realize how corrupt these GOP types are. Your viewers are not interesting in watching trash like Hugh Hewitt.

Featured image via video screen capture from YouTube