Racist White Hotel Clerk Flips Out On ‘Monkey’ For Complaining About Smelly Room

A Virginia hotel clerk took “Make America Great Again” to a whole new level after a black customer complained that the clerk had put him and his family in a smelly room.

Irby Fogleman says that he had requested a non-smoking room for his mother at Country Inns and Suites in Newport News but the room smelled like cigarettes so he asked for a different room. Unfortunately, Fogleman was far too black to warrant that kind of “just ok” service he was expecting from the desk clerk, who threw a racist tantrum.

“I’ll say it again: Get off of my property,” the clerk says in a recording posted to Facebook. “Because you are rude.” Fogleman asks the clerk, “Duane,” why he should leave simply because he expected the non-smoking room he requested to actually be a non-smoking room.

“Did I knew it was smoked in?” Duane yells, whining that he didn’t give Fogelman permission to record. “Get your family and get out.”

Virginia is a “one-party consent” state, which allows recording of pretty much any conversation in which you are involved (because you obviously consent), and Fogelman was well within his rights to record Duane’s outburst.

“F*cking monkey,” Duane says as he heads toward his office.

“Oh, so you’re racist. That’s why you don’t like me?” Fogelman replies, but Duane insists it’s because the gentleman is a “dick.”

Watch it below:

I don’t post a lot, but my mom came down for my son’s birthday and was placed in a non smoking room that was obviously smoked in. The guy obviously had a problem with us, listen when he turns to go back in his office…….and believe me, I handled my self better than I ever thought I would.

Posted by Dee Fogleman on Friday, May 4, 2018