Melania Trump’s Cyberbullying Booklet Looks Identical To Obama Administration FTC Booklet (IMAGES)

In 2016, Michelle Obama encouraged men to “Be Better”. Today, Melania Trump launched her new platform “Be Best” and the booklet appears to be lifted from a document released by the Federal Trade Commission in 2014 during the Obama administration. BuzzFeed News’s Ryan Mac pointed out how similar (almost identical) the booklets are on Twitter and that lit up the Internet because the First Lady has plagiarized from Michelle Obama in the past.

Only an icon was changed.

While speaking at the Republican National Convention in 2016, Melania Trump plagiarized portions of Mrs. Obama’s address in 2008. Melania’s husband has been obsessively jealous of former President Barack Obama and has taken credit for his predecessor’s economy. And it’s just ironic that Melania, who is married to the world’s biggest cyberbully, launches an initiative to address cyberbullying.

Image via screen capture.