Trump Conspired With Foreign Spies To Kill Iran Deal WHILE Serving As President

Trump says he didn’t collude with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election, but how about a foreign spy agency to kill U.S. policy?

The Guardian reports that Trump hired an Israeli private intelligence agency to get dirty on Obama administration officials who helped make the 2015 Iran nuclear deal happen. One of the primary focuses of the “dirty ops” was one of Barack Obama’s top national security advisers, Ben Rhodes, and Colin Kahl, deputy assistant to Obama — the theory being that the deal would be easier to destroy if they could destroy the men and women behind it.

Trump’s aides reportedly contacted the Israeli spies just after The Donald’s 2017 visit to Israel where he promised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (an extreme opponent of the deal) that Iran would never possess nuclear weapons.

Trump’s goons also asked the spies to do some digging into journalists covering the Iran deal and to learn why may or may not have been leaking information from the Obama administration about the deal.

At this point, it is unclear how much work the Israeli spies did on Trump’s behalf, but it seems odd that Trump’s people would hire a foreign intelligence agency to do shady work for the sitting President…doesn’t it? Is it too early to talk treason?

You can read the full report here.