Trump/Cohen Won’t Tell Their OWN Lawyers What Was Seized In Cohen Raid

What was seized in the raid of Michael Cohen’s office that has Trump so worried?

On Wednesday, the New York Times’ Michael Schmidt appeared on Rachel Maddow’s program and dropped a bombshell: Trump’s lawyers are going crazy because they can’t get Michael Cohen or President Stable Genius to talk about what they think was seized in the raid of Michael Cohen’s office.

“The think about the New York case is that they don’t know a lot about it,” Schmidt says, referencing the Michael Cohen criminal investigation. “They are very unnerved by it because Michael Cohen and the President will not talk about it; they will not disclose what’s in those documents…The President’s lawyers don’t really know what’s going on with that investigation but they are concerned about it.”

What could be so bad that The Donald doesn’t even want to talk to his own lawyers about it? The mind boggles.

Recently, Trump called in a pinch hitter to replace Ty Cobb, the lastest lawyer to flee his legal team. Cobb once predicted that the Russia investigation would be over by Christmas…2017.

Watch the full interview with Schmidt below: