Texas Principal Jokes About Telling To Cops Black Special Needs Child Has A Gun

Remember when Tamir Rice was shot almost on sight after someone called 9-1-1 to report that he was carrying a gun that was most likely fake, but the 9-1-1 operator didn’t properly relay that information and the officer who arrived on scene shot the 12-year-old boy on sight? Hilarious, right? No? Well Houston, Texas elementary school principal Shanna Swearingen disagrees with you.

The Ponderosa Elementary School principal joked with three staffers about lying to police about a black special needs student who is prone to wandering off campus.

You see, the joke is that he has behavioral disorders and can’t necessarily control his actions, so they should do something that places his life in imminent danger. You, um, you still don’t think it’s funny, huh? 

Maybe you just don’t get it. We’ll let her explain. Swearingen told the staffers:

“We won’t chase him. We will call the police and tell them he has a gun so they can come faster.”

You still aren’t laughing? That’s OK — neither is anyone else when the remark made its way to the school’s Facebook page.

“It’s disgusting … That kind of comment is disgusting. Even if it was a joke, how could you even recant something like that?” parent Jessica Spoonemore told KPRC. “Children are getting killed [by] guns, violence … That was very unnecessary and disturbing, especially for an elementary school.”

Following backlash,  Spring ISD spokeswoman Karen Garrison said that the principal is “taking full accountability for the inappropriateness of the comment,” though it is unclear if she has in any way been disciplined.

Swearengen now says her totally hilarious remark was “an insensitive comment that was not reflective of who I am nor how much I care about every student who attends this school.” She also apparently wants you to ignore all of this because they had just gone through a Hurricane and isn’t that enough, damn it?:

“Your children mean the world to me, and I’m heartbroken that my thoughtless remark has caused disruption to the hard work underway here at Ponderosa. Here in our community, we had a hard year with Hurricane Harvey, and the damage it caused to a large part of our neighborhood. I was so proud of the unity seen in this community during the recovery efforts.

“Please know that the same commitment and drive that I had to make things right for our children after the storm, I have today as I work to make things right now with both staff and parents.

“I am truly sorry for the comment I made. It does not in any way reflect the love and care I have for the students of Ponderosa.”

Sometimes, jokes can kill. You’ll hear Republicans complaining about Michelle Wolf for months, but you can damn sure bet that few, if any, speak out about this.