Watch This Trump Fan Try (And FAIL) To Rip An Anti-Fascism Sign While Everyone Laughs At Him

A Trump supporter wearing a “Patriot” t-shirt was triggered by a sign decrying fascism, so he decided to tear it to shreds. Except he couldn’t. Neither could his MAGA-loving friend. It’s probably the most hilarious thing you will see this week.

The sign is pretty straightforward. “No!” the sign reads. “In the name of humanity, REFUSE to accept a fascist America.” Naturally, as Donald Trump is a fascist and his supporters love his brand of authoritarian bullshit, this angered Luke James Mahler, who did his patriotic duty and snatched up the sign, intending to rip it up. It was a ruthless battle of wits and might, but ultimately the sign won.

He tried everything while trying to make the sign fit in a trash can: pulling it, bending it, glaring at it angrily like it just reminded him black people can vote, but Mahler was unsuccessful. He even handed it to a friend, who gave up almost instantly.

All the while, bystanders mocked Mahler’s attempts to defeat the evil anti-American sign.

“This is a very educated city. There’s a lot of engineers in this city,” a woman told him as others laughed. “You can get a lot of help.”

At one point, the woman informed him that the trash can has a lid and if he wants to throw the sign away, he should just take the lid off. The Trumpian stared at her like she had just said something profound and began to remove the lid, but then he realized that this is exactly what SorosĀ wants him to do and went back to trying in vain to tear it in half.

Ultimately, he decided to keep the sign and stormed off with it.

Mahler, whose Facebook profile identifies him as an employee at Qdoba Mexican restaurant and whose profile is littered with popular white supremacist symbols including that dumbass cartoon frog, is an idiot — but he wants you to know thatĀ you’re the stupid one for watching (and laughing) at his humiliating battle with the sign:

Looks like someone should have eaten his Wheaties.

Watch it for yourself below. It will be the best part of your day, maybe even your week.

At first I was angered, then i realized this guy has nothing better to do than film me destroying a sign. LOL thank you…

Posted by Luke James Mahler on Tuesday, May 1, 2018