Conservative Lobbyist: Journalists Shouldn’t ‘Say The President Is Lying’

Trump’s ongoing war on the media is heating up. As the White House Correspondents’ Association caves to The Donald’s demands and promises a kinder, gentler, friendlier White House Correspondents’ Dinner in the future, right-wing lobbyists are furthering (or Führering) his message: the media has no business calling him out on his lies.

Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the oldest conservative lobbying organization in the country. the American Conservative Union, appeared on CNN to let the world know that if Trump or one of his representatives lies to you, me, or anyone else, the media’s job is to stay silent and be complicit.

The WHCA is already doing a good job with that, having thrown Michelle Wolf under the bus after the Right criticized her (and lied repeatedly in doing so) for pointing out that Sarah Huckabee Sanders lies constantly and vowed to promote “unity” rather than truth, but Schlapp wants more.

” I also think when it just says she lies, she lies, she lies — now look, we have big political disagreements in this country, and I think it’s wrong for journalists to take that next step,” Schlapp said on CNN’s New Day.  “And granted, she’s a comedian, but plenty of journalists do it as well, is they take the next step. Just present the facts. Let the American people decide if they think someone’s lying.”

“The journalists shouldn’t be the one to say that the president or that his spokesperson is lying, because what that does to 50 percent of the country is it makes them feel like they’re not credible to listen to anymore,” he added.

With the GOP screaming “FAKE NEWS” at inconvenient but factual stories and demanding that no one criticize the President, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Germany during Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

Don’t you miss the days when the above statement could be reasonably dismissed as hyperbolic?

Watch it below: