GOP Idiot Gets Smacked Around For Claiming Michelle Wolf Called Sarah Sanders A ‘Fat Lesbian’

Republicans are stupid. How stupid are they? Well, in this case, it can be summed up in two words: Liz Mair.

The GOP’s irrational meltdown over Michelle Wolf’s jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ shameless lying continued Sunday during a MSNBC panel that included Trump strategist Mair, who took things much farther than the ridiculous notion that Wolf was attacking Sanders’ appearance. Apparently, she was calling the White House Propaganda Minister a “fat lesbian softball coach” now. Yes, seriously.

Wolf paid Sanders a backhanded compliment during her performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, saying that she uses the ashes of the facts she burns to create a “perfect smokey eye” — a reference to a makeup technique many women strive to achieve. She also referenced the authoritarian nature of Aunt Lydia, a character in The Handmaid’s Tale.

“It’s not just the smokey eye comment, she also made an allusion to a fictional character in a book who is a lesbian softball coach,” Mair said. “In order for comedy to be funny… there has to be dose of truth, or a kernel that sort of rings true in what’s said… very clearly that is a comment about Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks and it’s not a compliment.”

Mair accused Wolf of making a “fat lesbian joke” and said that “supposedly we’re not supposed to be making those.”

“What was the fat lesbian joke?” asked panelist Atima Omara, clearly as confused as the rest of us who are aware that Aunt Lydia is anything but a “fat lesbian.”

Nevertheless, Mair suggested that Omara read the book, which Mair herself clearly has not done. We’ll let you just watch it unfold and have a laugh at the monumental stupidity demonstrated by Mair:

Now that you’ve spat your coffee or whatever you’re drinking all over your keyboard or mobile device, let’s watch the Internet mock her because that’s always delicious:

Regardless of what reality has to say about it, Mair stuck to her guns, announcing on Twitter that she knows an English major who is just as stupid as she is:

Holy fucking shit these people are stupid. Nothing more needs to be said.