Fox News Host Who Mocked A Parkland Survivor Is Offended By Michelle Wolf’s ‘Mean’ Jokes

The ‘fuck your feelings’ crowd who rages against political correctness is suddenly offended by comedian Michelle Wolf’s brutal but well-deserved takedown of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Slanders on Saturday night. Donald Trump has offended African-Americans, prisoners of war, disabled individuals, women, Mexicans, and the free press, and conservatives have never called him out. The irony meter blew a gasket when, of all people, Fox ‘News’ host Laura Ingraham, the woman who mocked Parkland survivor David Hogg, tweeted that Wolf was ‘mean.’

“Boy, am I glad I spent the evening with my kids and friends,” she tweeted. “This #WHCD “comedian” is a complete disgrace. The Left’s intolerance and mean-spiritedness knows no bounds.”

What Wolf did was call out the White House press secretary for lying to the public on a daily basis. Ingraham was probably at home counting the few remaining sponsors she has left after her appalling attack on a mass shooting survivor.

The internet hasn’t forgotten about that.

Please send Ms. Ingraham your thoughts and prayers.

Image via screen capture.