Michael Cohen Once Bragged That He’s A Member Of The Russian Mob

Is Michael Cohen a member of the Russian mob? Probably not, but he seems to think so.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Cohen — President* Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer — once bragged at a former friend’s wedding that he was a member of a Russian criminal organization. The friend, Gregory Ehrlich, says that he doesn’t believe Cohen has any such ties but the fact that Trump’s “fixer” would say such a thing is important given his involvement in The Donald’s criminal enterprise.

In 2015, Cohen was a huge part in Trump’s attempt to secure a deal to build a gigantic tower in Moscow. The deal fell through, but Cohen had a close relationship with Russian criminal Felix Sater during the 2016 presidential campaign. Sater bragged to Cohen in emails obtained by the New York Times that he was close with Putin and that he could “get all of Putins team to buy in” on the deal.

“Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it,” Sater wrote to Cohen, who describes the incredibly suspicious interactions as “business as usual and nothing more.”

This may be “business as usual” for Team Trump, but the rest of us wonder how far Cohen went on his behalf to “engineer” his “victory” against Clinton.

Cohen is currently under criminal investigation by the FBI as The Donald continues his not-so-proud tradition of distancing himself from every single one of his associates who gets busted doing something horrible. By next Tuesday, we expect Trump to claim his former personal attorney was just a part-time coffee boy.