Major Conservative Publication Just Purged Everyone Who Doesn’t Like Trump

The purges have begun. Salem Media, owner of what was previously one of the less trashy conservative outlets, RedState, shocked many on Friday when they got rid of everyone who doesn’t like Donald Trump.

Writers were locked out of their accounts as the company completed the purge, which targeted those who have been critical of Donald Trump, fired writer @Patterico confirmed:

Former editor and right-wing crazypants Erick Erickson also confirmed the “mass firing,” which he called “very sad to see” but “not surprising.”

“It’s OrangeState now,” says terminated blogger Susan Wright.

Early Friday morning, one of the site’s lead editors, Caleb Howe, tweeted that “there’s a right way to do something and a fucked up way.” He threatened consequences an unnamed person did not return his phone call.

“They fired everybody who was insufficiently supportive of Trump,” one writer told CNNMoney, adding, “how do you define being ‘sufficiently supportive’ of Trump?”

But support of Trump was not the only reason. The company had decided to fire many who were receiving more money-per-click — but mostly it was about Trump.

“A number of those fired had older contracts making more money-per-click,” Erickson says. “But [RedState] kept all the pro-Trump ones. Of those they fired making the lower amount per-click, the ones who were regularly critical of Trump were fired—even if they generated solid traffic.”

“They canned someone who brought in 700k to 800k page views per month,” a writer told The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity. “Lately that would be around 10 percent of monthly traffic.”

This decision is not popular among slightly less stupid than normal conservatives:

Salem has previously been criticized for punishing those who don’t spend much time with their tongues inserted firmly into Donald Trump’s gigantic orange anus. There has for some time been fear among RedState staff that “this was going to happen at RedState” — and on Friday, it happened.

While it’s easy to laugh at these people, it’s important to remember that this is intended to send a message to other conservatives: do what Trump wants and praise him, or get out.

As things become worse and worse for Trump, will we see more of these purges?