Internet Erupts In Mockery After Trump’s Latest Unhinged Dumbass Tweets

President Stable Genius once again kicked off his day Friday by tweeting incoherent ravings and (as usual) embarrassing the living hell out of our country.

“Is everybody believing what is going on. James Comey can’t define what a leak is. He illegally leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION but doesn’t understand what he did or how serious it is. He lied all over the place to cover it up,” Trump tweeted. “He’s either very sick or very dumb. Remember sailor!”

There’s certainly a lot going on in Trump’s latest moronic tweet. Naturally, no one can believe what’s going on. We have a “President” who can’t string together enough words to form a sentence that doesn’t sound like it was written by a drunk second grader with severe head trauma.

Legal experts have confirmed that James Comey didn’t “illegally” leak anything, as the memos in question were unclassified at the time the former FBI director made them available to the press through a friend. “It’s still unclassified,” he pointed out in an interview on Fox News recently. Comey didn’t lie “all over the place” (or anywhere) to “cover it up.”

While our President* is “very sick or very dumb,” the same can not be said for James Comey.

The phrase “Remember sailor” references a sailor who was jailed for taking photos illegally of classified areas inside a submarine. Trump pardoned him despite the fact that his conduct was (unlike Comey’s) illegal.

Naturally, this mishmash of dumbassery gave Americans a lot to laugh about.

Trump is growing increasingly unhinged by the day. It’s time to get him out of office before he gets us all killed.