Kellyanne Conway Trashed Trump To ‘Every Reporter She Could Get On The Phone’

Kellyanne Conway loves to put on a show for the cameras, pretending that she has complete and unwavering faith in her supreme leader Donald Trump.  But did you know that her complete and unwavering faith in Trump extended to his ability to lose to Hillary Clinton?

According to GOP strategist  Rick Wilson, Conway was so sure that Trump would lose the election that she called up every single reporter she could to talk sh*t on The Donald.

“Kellyanne Conway spent several days before the 2016 election spinning reporters on why Trump was going to lose,” Wilson says. “On Election Night, she was sh*tting out Bannon, Preibus and Trump personally to every reporter she could get on the phone.”

Kellyanne Conway is a terrible human being who regularly presents “alternative facts” as she tirelessly makes excuses for Trump. It’s unclear at this point exactly what she said to reporters, but if she was trashing The Donald, it’s possible that for the first and only time in her miserable, wretched life she told the truth about her co-conspirator.

It’s not exactly difficult to believe that Conway would be throwing shade at Trump, as she did that on national television on a regular basis before she worked for him — including for stuff for which she now defends him, like refusing to release his tax returns. She even at one point agreed with us that The Donald is “unpresidential.”

Donald Trump is trash and everyone knows it — even his allies.