Trump Administration Lawyer Says The Donald Thinks Islam Is ‘A Great Country’

In 2013, the world joined together in mockery of “Australian Sarah Palin” Stephanie Bannister when the One Nation (basically the  equivalent of the Tea Party) candidate suggested that Jews worship Jesus, called the Quran “haram” (“forbidden” in Arabic), and — the most famous of her idiotic babblings — said that she doesn’t “oppose Islam as a country.”

Bannister’s incredibly stupid series of close-proximity gaffes was certainly memorable. It even ended her career. Now, a Trump administration lawyer has managed to match that level of idiocy while defending The Donald’s Muslim ban. While making a legal argument to the Supreme Court. Yes, seriously.

In his closing arguments before the Supreme Court United States Solicitor General Noel Francisco assured the court that while Trump has suggested a total and complete ban of Muslims entering the U.S., he has since dialed things back to wanting to ban travelers from certain Muslim-majority nations he hates. He also channeled his inner “Bannister”:

“He made it crystal clear on September 25th that he had no intention of imposing the Muslim ban,” Francisco argued. “He has made crystal clear that Muslims in this country are great Americans, and there are many, many Muslims countries who love this country, and he has praised Islam as one of the great countries of the world.”

Don’t worry — we’re sure that this jackass will get to keep his job. Listen to it below (it starts at 1:06:25).