French President Speaks English Better Than This Painfully Stupid GOP Lawmaker

French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech to Congress on Wednesday and pretty much dragged Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ philosophy and nationalism while the country watched. Trump was watching, too. Also watching was a Republican congressman and he responded on Twitter after apparently not paying attention to the riveting speech. After Macron’s speech which garnered standing ovations, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) tweeted, “French President is a socialist militarist globalist science-alarmist… the dark future of the American Democratic Party.” Even though he was repeatedly corrected on Twitter, he did not delete another tweet which falsely quoted Macron.

A Twitter user called the GOP lawmaker out.

Then, he falsely quoted Macron.

That is fake news. Macron said during an interview on Fox News Sunday, “I will advocate for multilateralism.” Well, both words start with an M so he was close!

Massie was corrected over and over again, but the tweet remains active.

All Massie had to do was have a glimpse at Macron’s Twitter timeline.

Reading is HARD.

Image via screen capture.