Newspaper Columnist Tweets Perfect Statement About Waffle House Shooting – Gets GOLDEN Responses

Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke is known not just for his humorous and on-point political columns, but also for his on-point tweets, especially when they’re relevant to a conversation we need to have. Ever since the Parkland shooting, people have been focusing on how to make our schools safe from shooters. That conversation ignores everywhere else mass shootings happen, however, like the one at a Waffle House in Tennessee at 3:30 this morning. A naked man walked in and began shooting the place up, before being stopped by a good guy without a gun.

And Huppke tweeted this short, sweet, and absolutely true statement to the NRA-types who buy into the whole “good guy with a gun” myth:

The responses about “good guys with guns” are just perfect:

And then there’s this person, who responded with extremely pertinent humor by taking a shot at conservative commentator Richard Armande Mills. A couple of days ago, Mills fretted that Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth might “weaponize” her newborn child to force through legislation (what is that guy on?):

Finally, there’s just this. Butter and syrup are more preferable to guns in Waffle Houses:

Featured image by Gerry Dincher, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr