Racist School Thinks It’s A-Okay That White Teachers Made Black Kids Pretend To Be Runaway Slaves

An Illinois school district has a funny way of teaching history to elementary schoolers on overnight school trips. McKinley Elementary School took some of its students on an overnight hiking trip recently – innocent enough, right? Not so much, according to Dawn Peterson, whose 11-year-old daughter, Bailey, is a student there and participated in the trip sponsored by the South Holland, Illinois school this past March.

Apparently, when Bailey and her classmates were hiking in the dark, the teachers – all of whom were white – decided that the black students should have a little history lesson. They made the students pretend that they were runaway slaves on the underground railroad, and to avoid detection, they were to pretend to be members of a choir from Georgia. Bailey said of the experience:

“I did have fun. It’s just what happened that drove me away from being excited about it. They talked to us about how we were runaways, and how our cover story was that we were a singing choir from Georgia called The Peaches.”

So, for almost two hours in the cold and the dark in Wisconsin, these kids were forced to re-enact one of the ugliest parts of America’s history – and it was all done without parental permission. Dawn Peterson said of her daughter’s reaction to the despicable actions of the teachers:

“She was almost nervous to tell me that they felt funny about it because all of the kids were black and the teachers were white. Couldn’t find anything in any paperwork that stated consent. Not even letting us know there would be a simulation at all, let alone this particular simulation.”

Worst of all is the fact that instead of apologizing and investigating this absolutely racist activity is the fact that the district superintendent, Dr. Jerry Jordan, defended it – and admitted that it seems to be some kind of school tradition, saying of the events:

“There’s a perception that we had the kids being chased by white folks at night through the woods. That’s not what took place. It was a night hike.”

“It’s a part of history. A sad part of history that our people had to go through,” Jordan said. “I think bringing something to light for the children, it helped them better understand what our foreparents went through.”

No, fool, there are ways to teach this that don’t involve a racist “simulation.” It’s called a history book and a classroom. This is just a way for these white teachers to act our their racist fantasies on vulnerable children. You, and everyone involved in this disgrace of a so-called “field trip” should be fired.

Watch the interview with Dawn and Bailey Peterson below, via the local NBC affiliate: