Pregnant Mother Shot By Her 3-Year-Old Daughter With Father’s Gun (VIDEO)

Police said a 3-year-old girl accidentally shot her pregnant mother from the backseat of the car on Tuesday in Indiana. Authorities said the woman’s boyfriend allegedly left the loaded gun in the car between the console and the seat, then he walked into Plato’s Closet in Merrillville, leaving his 21-year-old pregnant girlfriend sitting in the driver’s seat in the parking lot with her children, ages 3 and 1, in the backseat.

Merrillville police chief Joseph Petruch said that the little girl got hold of the 9mm Glock 19 pistol while she was in the back of the car, and the weapon discharged, hitting her mother in the chest near the right shoulder. The bullet then went through the windshield. Shaneque Thomas, who is six weeks pregnant, got out of the car and collapsed.

“[The girl] had no idea what she had done and she was very scared,” Detective Sgt. James Bogner said.

An employee from Plato’s Closet said that she heard screaming.

“We just heard screaming. We ran outside with a bunch of other people,” Hadassah Zirkle said. “Someone said someone was hurt and bleeding.”

“There was blood flowing all from her stomach; just coming out like water, like a faucet, and I screamed ‘Someone call 911,'” Zirkle added.

Menzo Brazier, the victim’s boyfriend, reportedly ran out of the store and tried to stop the bleeding until paramedics arrived, and seemed to think that it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“He said, ‘Did you kill yourself? Why did you do this to me?’” store employee Rebecca Todd recalled to WMAQ TV.

“He rushed over, he was bawling his eyes out,” her co-worker Paloma Prieto said.

Thomas was rushed to a local hospital and then airlifted to Loyola Medical Center where she is listed in critical but stable condition. The children have been placed in the custody of the Indiana Department of Child Services and Brazier is being held on a preliminary charge of child endangerment. The gun was legally owned.


“A loaded weapon with children in the back seat: real careless act,” Petruch said. “I hope she survives the gunshot wound.”

This sort of thing happens far too often, though. Leaving a kid with easy access to a deadly weapon while a pregnant woman is seated in front is a recipe for tragedy.

Image via screen capture.