Watch These Dumbass Conservatives Blame Comey For Trump’s Pee Tape Paranoia

Conservatives are a strange sort of people who seem unable to a.) recognize or b.) care about reality as long as someone is catering to their assorted fears, paranoias, and prejudices — and a CNN panel of Trump enthusiasts shows that perfectly.

According to this group of people whose family trees fork few (if any) times, Trump isn’t responsible for his paranoia about the numerous investigations into his associates’ criminal conduct with regard to Russia — James Comey is.

After being shown a clip of the former FBI director saying that he felt isolated and besieged by all sides after releasing the Hillary Clinton letter credited with winning Trump the presidency, the Trumpian drones called him “weak” and “thin-skinned.”

The Trump fans also felt that there was no problem with Trump demanding personal loyalty from Comey, arguing that anyone who serves any President owes him personal loyalty above all else. Personal loyalty to the President is, after all, loyalty to the country, they argued (just don’t ask them whether everyone should have been loyal to President Obama).

One Trump supporter said during the segment that Comey was responsible for Trump’s paranoia about the “pee pee tapes” of legend — because he did his job and informed President Stable Genius that the Steele dossier mentioned them.

“That set the stage very poorly,” she said.

“So you blame Comey for making Trump paranoid?” CNN’s Gary  Tuchman asked her.

“That’s exactly what he intended to do!” the Trump fan replied.

Trump famously hounded Comey about whether or not tapes of him paying two Russian prostitutes to pee on a bed in which Barack and Michelle Obama once slept in Moscow.

According to this group of Trump voters, Comey is simply being petty because “his childhood dream” of being FBI Director was ripped away from him by Donald Trump.

Watch this jaw-droppingly stupid exchange below: