WATCH: Kentucky Gov. Lashes Out At Teachers For Strike – Blames Them For Potential Child Rape

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin just cannot handle people who won’t sit down and shut up instead of demanding something he doesn’t want to give them. In this case, he got so angry about the teachers’ strike in his state that he lashed out at the teachers who forced school closures in order to protest his veto of a bill that would have increased school funding.

And he lashed out in a patently disgusting and vile manner. He literally tried to hold teachers responsible for children potentially being abused, or worse, sexually assaulted, because they weren’t at work and their primary job is, of course, babysitting. Take a gander:

“I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them.”

He went on with something more that was equally vile, and then claimed he’s horribly offended by this while completely ignoring the fact that if his state and party would actually fund schools properly, this strike wouldn’t have ever happened. Watch below:

What’s best for children in this context are highly-qualified teachers, schools that are well-maintained, class sizes that are small enough so teachers can give students the attention they need, well-stocked so that students have up-to-date textbooks and aren’t hurting for supplies, and generally, a school system run by a government that actually gives two shits about them. With these comments, Bevin proved he doesn’t care about children – he cares about his agenda. To try and stoke anger against teachers this way is to cruelly use and dismiss the very real problem that is sexual assault against children. It’s a stinging barb against anyone who’s actually survived sexual assault, and the parents or caretakers of children who are assault survivors. That is what’s offensive, and for a state governor to say these things is absolutely appalling.

But what does Bevin care? He’s just pissed that the state legislature responded to the strike by overriding his veto, making it harder for him to treat teachers like they’re nothing more than overpaid babysitters who neither earn nor deserve fair pay and the ability to actually do their jobs.

Screw you, Bevin.

Featured image via video screen capture