Tea Party Superstar Found Guilty Of 23 Felonies

Remember Steve Stockman?  You may not, as the Right has presented us with such a steady stream of morons, dipshits, racists, bigots, Nazis, racists, more racists, gun fanatics, dipshits, idiots, racists, stupid people, Nazis, and racists in recent years that remembering them all is suchall of those things a chore. Well, Steve Stockman is (at least ideologically) — but we can now add “guy who committed almost a couple-dozen felonies” to the list.

The former Texas Congressman was found guilty of 23 felonies on Thursday — just a wire fraud conviction away from a full two dozen.  The Texas Tribune reports:

Stockman has been on trial in federal court in Houston for nearly a month on corruption charges that include mail and wire fraud, money laundering and violations of federal election law. As he heard the jury’s verdict Thursday, he sat expressionless, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Ryan Patrick, the new U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Texas and the son of Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, was in the courtroom for the verdict.

Stockman was accused of improperly using charitable donations for unrelated efforts, including campaign and personal expenses ranging from a new dishwasher to undercover surveillance of a perceived political rival.

The Houston-area former lawmaker’s attorneys have claimed that the pair of conservative mega-donors who gave him that money intended for it to serve as campaign contributions and gave the former lawmaker broad leeway for using it. Prosecutors argued that Stockman promised that money would go to specific purposes — including “educating” voters and renovating a conservative “Freedom House” for interns — and that the former lawmaker used his credibility to mislead donors.

Stockman was charged alongside two campaign aides in their “white collar crime spree,” both of whom pleaded guilty and testified against him.

If the ruling is upheld on appeal, Stockman faces more than two decades in federal prison. He is currently in federal custody (he is considered a “flight risk”), pending sentencing in August.