Republicans Are Now Openly Organizing Against Trump – This Is Unprecedented

With the FBI raid on Trump’s attorney’s office, Trump is raging, brooding, and “bitching and moaning” inside the White House, and allies of his are again floating the idea of firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. We all know Democrats are working their tails off to keep this from happening, and some Republicans in Congress have made noises about protecting Mueller as well. However, now it seems that there are Republicans who have just flat-out had it with Trump and his whole attitude toward being investigated.

They’re fed up to the point that they’re organizing against him, and by “organizing,” we mean that they’ve started an actual 501(4)(c) organization intended to stop any attempts to fire Mueller. It’s called Republicans for the Rule of Law, with people like Bill Kristol as one of the founding directors. For those who don’t know, Bill Kristol is very conservative on a lot of issues, but he also can’t stand Trump any more than anyone else with brains bigger than amoebas.

Of course, we can argue till the end of time that they’re still Republicans and they still support some incredibly vile things, and are complicit in, or responsible for, some of the worst atrocities going on here in the U.S. We can say we should just write them off, but the problem is this: Republicans still control all of Washington and a majority of states, and if we are to hold Trump accountable for anything, we need these Republicans to stand with us.

Right now the website is little more than dire warnings about firing Mueller from prominent Republicans such as Lindsey Graham. It also has a sort of petition on which voters can add their names to the growing list of anti-Trump Republicans. Their statement is simple, saying:

“Mr. President: Firing Robert Mueller would gravely damage the Presidency, the GOP and the country.

Please don’t do it.”

They’ve put out a video ad, too, praising Mueller and talking up his credentials, and urging people to call their representatives to ask them to protect Mueller.

Trump is already running scared. If he fires Mueller, Republicans for the Rule of Law will make sure he’s left with nothing but a bunch of impotent sycophants for allies.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons