Cowardly Paul Ryan Sees The Writing On The Wall, Running Away From Congress Like A Weasel

Paul Ryan (R-WI) is one of the most powerful men in Washington. He is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and has long been seen as someone who cannot be unseated – until now. Republicans are fleeing their re-election bids in droves, because they see the writing on the wall, and they know they’d be humiliated in November if they dared to run amidst the coming blue wave. Ryan is just the latest to do the same.

NPR reports that Ryan has announced that he will not seek re-election. He knows that in endorsing and standing behind the disaster that is Donald Trump, he stands a real chance of being only the second House Speaker in history to be unseated by a challenger. That challenger from the Democratic side is likely to be Wisconsin’s First District iron worker, Randy Bryce.

Bryce and others have long pointed out that Ryan rarely spends time in his own district, only takes questions from constituents in very controlled environments, and is a complete wimp when it comes to standing up to Donald Trump’s penchant for open racism, misogyny, and just general indecency. Further, Ryan, who is just 48 years old, which is very young for a Congressman who is so powerful, may aim for the top spots in government one day – perhaps even president. Being tethered to Donald Trump would not be good for such ambitions, and Ryan knows it. People have, until now, largely viewed him as a principled Boy Scout type, but that is all over as he just looks like a coward due to how he has been dealing with the problem of Donald Trump.

All I know is that with Paul Ryan out of the way, Democrats have a very real chance to take his seat during the blue wave. Come on out and vote, folks. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images