Fox News Host Panics After Accidentally Showing Graphic Proving No One Trusts Them

Fox News has fallen far in the age of Trump, going from once (somehow) being the most trusted among news networks to now being the least-trusted — and you don’t need to go far for proof of that because Fox showed you evidence on their own broadcast.

“Speaking of fake news, there is a new poll out from Monmouth University.’Do the media report fake news regularly or occasionally?’ 77 percent say yes,” Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz said while celebrating a poll that seemed to confirm their narrative. The graphic did indeed say that. It also said “Who do you trust more?” with CNN at 48 percent, MSNBC at 45 percent and Fox News  at a pathetic 30 percent.

“That is not the graphic we are looking for. Hold off,” Kurtz said, panicking. “Take that down, please.”

The graphic was indeed taken down, but not before giving the rest of us an opportunity to laugh at Fox News for accidentally showing a graphic proving that the only people who trust them anymore are the few among us who are too stupid to operate a toaster without adult supervision.

Don’t worry, though — this hilarious clip is still live on Fox News’ own Twitter account for your enjoyment.