Georgia Politician Derails Public Meeting With Racist Rant About ‘N****r Town’

A former Georgia elected official shocked a black city official when he went on an unhinged rant about “N*ggertown.”

No, N*ggertown is not a real place (though as this is Georgia, it does need to be made clear that it is not a real place) — but it is to former Griffin, Georgia board of commissioners member Larry Johnson. During what began as a harmless discussion about the changes Griffin has undergone as time has passed, Johnson decided to tell board member Rodney McCord all about “N*ggertown.”

“I told you at that time that there were white folks, and there were black folks when I was growing up,” Johnson said. “There was white trash – my family – and there was N*ggertown. I lived next to N*ggertown.”

“You lived next to what town?” a shocked McCord replied.

“N*ggertown, son. I’m telling you son, now that changed. I’m no longer white trash and it’s no longer called that… ” Johnson replied.

“Hold on a second,” McCord interrupted, apparently trying to process what he had just heard.

“I don’t use that word no more,” Johnson said, having literally just used it three times.

“You just used it right then,” McCord pointed out as his fellow board members tried to silence him rather than the guy who was throwing the n-word around like he was playing racist ultimate frisbee. But McCord refused to be silenced as the primarily-white board members apparently were OK with Johnson’s flagrant use of the n-word:

“He can get to his point, but I’m not going to sit here . . . Maybe y’all are comfortable with it, I don’t know. I’m not going to sit here and let this man use that type of language. And if nobody else is offended, then I am. Now if y’all want to clap and think that that’s okay for this gentleman to stand, in 2018, and get here at the board of city commission meeting – 2018 – the Civil War is over and he is using the N-word not once, not twice – three times! And he just continues to say it with not one word about who it offends.”

Eventually, Johnson got to his point — that he supports the Confederate flag and all it represents (what a shocker).

“My skin is white, my neck is red, and I was born in Southern bed,” Johnson said, adding that the Civil War was not at all fought over slavery. “Nothing wrong with that. I hope that doesn’t offend anybody.”

Johnson’s remarks came following the Board’s decision to declare April Confederate History Month and April 26 as Confederate Memorial Day — the day that Georgia seceded from the Union to join the slave states in their rebellion. Georgia did not rejoin the Union until years after the South lost.

McCord opposed the decision to celebrate the Confederacy, saying that he city is “willing to offend” its black residents to make white people “feel good.”

“A proclamation to these very anti-Americans who did not want to be a part of America and now we are going to celebrate – that is the most un-American thing that I’ve ever heard,” he said in opposition to the celebration of racism.

Yes, this is a real thing that happened despite how stupid it sounds. Watch it below: