GOP Lawmaker Gets Hammered For Citing Fake News Article To Argue Against Medical Marijuana

A Republican state lawmaker in Louisiana cited a satirical news article during a debate on a medical marijuana bill to claim that 37 people died of marijuana “overdoses” in Colorado the day after it was legalized in the state. Rep. Dodie Horton (R-Derp) referenced a satirical article from The Daily Currant during a debate in a House committee meeting on Thursday, according to The Advocate. A reporter for The Advocate corrected her on Twitter but was instantly blocked because facts hurt her feelings.

The Trump supporting Republican doesn’t seem to know what a ‘trusted source’ is.

Then Crisp was promptly blocked.

Horton blocked others, too.

Horton is getting hammered on Twitter.

After a backlash ensued, Horton apologized to Crisp and blamed the block on a staffer.

She retweets posts from conspiracy theorist Sean Hannity and she adores conspiracy theorist Donald Trump, so citing a satirical post as evidence comes as no surprise.

Image via Louisiana House.