Dumbass NRA Mouthpiece Blames ‘Gun Control’ For MLK’s Assassination

It’s a day ending in “y,” so naturally NRA propagandist Dana Loesch used the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination to push ridiculous theories intended to make it cool to carry around a dangerous weapon for little to no reason.

Singling out  New Yorker contributor Rich Benjamin‘s correct points regarding failures in gun control legislation contributing to King’s death, Loesch went on the offensive. The vapid right-wing dolt argues that “gun control” was actually responsible for MLK’s death because he was denied a concealed carry permit.

“Despite his attempt to make King’s death a failure of gun control policies at the time, he finds no room to mention that King himself had sought to own a weapon, for his own self-defense, and he was denied,” Loesch said in her latest pro-gun propaganda video.

In reality, King owned many guns — “an arsenal” according to  civil rights activists. In other words, he had the firepower Loesch says he should have had. He was denied a concealed carry permit after racist police deemed him “unsuitable” to carry a weapon.

Of course, King drew a large distinction between using guns to defend one’s home and bringing them to an emotionally-charged protest. After all, someone might get shot. He also eventually gave up his guns.

“While Dr. King later on had a, yeah, because he embraced nonviolence, had a different view of firearm ownership, but he was very consistent with that, but he also recognized how important it was for everyone to be able to defend themselves,” Loesch says, adding that the real victims in America are gun owners:

“I really think a lot of people are forgetting in our current era, with all of the discussion and all of the politics, is that spirit of nonviolence. Have you noticed that people can’t even have a conversation anymore without launching into ad hominem? People can’t even have a conversation without hoping that something horrible will happen to your family or you.

Everyone wants to be right so bad that no one wants to understand why they’re wrong, and why it’s better for them maybe, perhaps, to have a public engagement of ideas instead of screaming at everyone that you’re terrorists or murderers. That’s one of the things — as a kid — that I took away from what Dr. King did in the nonviolent movement.”

Watch Loesch’s immensely stupid video below:

Image via screengrab