Trump Insanely Tells Kids At Easter Egg Roll That ‘There Is No Name’ For The White House (VIDEO)

Former reality show star Donald Trump spoke to the children attending today’s Easter Egg Roll to brag about the military which he said would soon be “at a level it’s never been before.” It was straight out of a surreal script with a batshit crazy manbaby acting as leader of the free world. Trump was speaking off-script because he’s talking to kids, but the so-called president really should have used a teleprompter anyway. This, of course, followed Trump major Tweetstorm in which he blamed Democrats for not fixing DACA, a policy he ended, raged at Amazon, yelled at his own Department of Justice, then praised Sinclair broadcasting, a group that was just outed for its blatant propaganda. So, it’s one of those days.

Before boasting of the military, Trump spoke of the White House, but referred to it as “this house or building or whatever you want to call it because there is no name for it, it is special.” Except there is a name for it. It’s called the White House. Last year, it was reported that Trump referred to the White House as a “dump.”

Raw Story notes that Trump went on to say that he and his staff keep the White House “in tip-top shape, we call it sometimes tippy-top shape, and it’s a great, great place.”


Trump then spoke about the economy, saying “we’ve never had an economy like we’ve had now” then he boasted about the military and said that “you see what’s happening with funding” and “just think of $700 billion, because that’s what’s going into our military this year.”

He told that to children. Little kids. Trump tried to make the day all about him. Let that sink in for a moment.

Image via screen capture.