Trump Supporter LOSES It, Threatens to Burn MAGA Hat Over Omnibus Bill

Trump supporters are just adorable when they throw tantrums (ones that don’t end with a pile of bodies anyway) — and Robert J. Kinnison is no exception.

Kinnison, a self-described “Pee” (he meant TEA) Partier who regularly threatens gun control advocates and pretty much everyone else whom he doesn’t like, regularly posts racist “n-word”-filled videos attacking President Obama and anyone with a skin tone darker than a piece of chalk, but thanks to the passage of the omnibus bill he doesn’t call himself a “Trump supporter” anymore. In fact, he’s so mad at The Donald that he kicked off his most recent offering by throwing his sunglasses (which he was wearing at night) at the camera for effect.

“Fuck!” Kinnison screamed before calmly wiping up something he apparently spilled off-camera when he threw his glasses. “Sometimes I feel like it’s me against the world.”

“You know, you put your trust in somebody, you vote for a certain politician and you really┬áreally┬áreally think he’s gonna change and and and and do make a change — make America great again — and this is the shit that he fucking pulls,” Kinnison (better known on Twitter and YouTube as Raging Rob) whines. “Fucker.”

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it,” Kinnison adds, claiming that while he has for years been happy to call President Obama a n*gger, “at least Obama” managed to win his support from 2008-2011. “Donald Trump couldn’t last two fucking years!”

“Fucking piece of shit,” Kinnison continues. “Yeah, you’re hearin’ that correctly: fuck Donald Trump. Fuck Donald Trump. You see what that fucking piece of shit did today? Hey asshole — this is not what I voted for. He turned on the American people today. He voted for this goddamn bill funding Planned Parenthood, funding sanctuary cities, funding Obamacare.”

Trump initially threatened to veto the $1.3 trillion spending bill, but ultimately signed it and demanded that lawmakers give him even more power — the ability to nix parts of spending bills he doesn’t like.

“THIS IS NOT WHAT I VOTED FOR,” Rob raged after explaining that since the bill “funds Obamacare” Donald Trump has been added to his “list.”

“I shoulda listened to my dad,” he says. “My dad told me ‘don’t trust him. He’s a liberal from New York.’ I shoulda listened.”

“I’m takin’ all my Donald Trump hats. I’m takin’ all my Donald Trump shirts and I’m settin’ them on fire,” Kinnison announced. “Fuck this bullshit!” As he screamed that phrase, he threw his sunglasses — which he picked up just to do this — at his camera, knocking it over.

Watch his latest video below (thanks to the person who saved it before he deletes it or gets banned from YouTube again):