Racist Lyft Driver Threw Interracial Out On The Street While Screaming ‘N****r’

An interracial couple in Seattle had the privilege of feeling what it’s like to be part of Trump’s America when a Lyft driver felt emboldened to kick them out of his vehicle because he didn’t like the idea of a white woman being with a black man.

Alex Dugdale and Kylie Rae Steinbach called Lyft on St. Patrick’s Day, but things got a bit weird when they wanted to stop at 7-11:

Hello friends. Kylie Rae Steinbach and I ordered a lyft. He arrived a couple minutes early. Fantastic! Went outside to…

Posted by Alex Dugdale on Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dugdale says that the driver refused to stop at 7-11 then “drove less than half a block” before asking them to get out of the car because “he didn’t like that we are a couple.”

“You know what, you guys can get out of here. I am canceling your ride. Get out of my car,” the driver told him as he ordered he ordered them out of the vehicle.

“After I exited the car he rolled down the window and yelled ‘you Asshole, fucking n*gger’ at me and drove off,” Dugdale says.

Lyft has had such a problem with racism among drivers in the past that they began tracking and measuring their levels of racism via a hidden stat in the app following an onslaught of reports about racism and discrimination on the platform.

In a shockingly indifferent response to the couple’s email, Lyft promised only not to match them with the driver again.

“He didn’t bother asking what the altercation was. He just said, okay, we won’t pair you with this driver again,” says Steinbach.

The couple, who have filed a report with the police, asked the company to obtain the dash cam footage.

“These allegations are extremely concerning – this type of behavior would constitute a violation of Lyft’s anti-discrimination policy, which can result in permanent deactivation from the Lyft platform. We absolutely do not tolerate any form of discrimination and are committed to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming community. We have reached out to the driver and passenger,” the company has said in a statement, noting that “Both parties are alleging inappropriate behavior, and we are continuing to investigate this incident. We stand ready to assist law enforcement in their investigation.”

Watch a report on the incident below: