‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Shoots Both Himself And Friend With One Bullet At Utah Gun Show

You know that whole “good guy with a gun” thing or that whole mess about how a “responsible gun owner” will always be there to save the day?

Riddle me this, conservatives: in the following scenario, which one is the “good guy with a gun” and which is the “responsible gun owner?”

KU – TV reports that two men who are unnamed in the report (we’ll call them Billy Joe Bob Cretinsburg and Earl-Frank Johanson) managed to pull off the ammosexual equivalent of “Two Girls One Cup” (you can Google that if you still don’t know what it is) in the parking lot of the International Sportsmen’s Expo, gun show in Sandy, Utah.

Apparently one of the men tried to hand the gun to the other at around 3:45 p.m. and they couldn’t even handle that part of gun ownership without managing to get shot. Somehow, the gun went off and these two fine members of America’s “well-regulated militia” both got hit by the same bullet as it ricocheted cartoonishly around the vehicle — one in the hand and one in the leg.

Both men were taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries and neither will be charged with a crime because this sort of thing is apparently perfectly normal and not worthy of the slightest bit of deterrence.