OOPS: Fox News Accidentally Published Story Announcing McCabe’s Firing Hours Before It Happened

If you thought there was a teensy chance that Fox News gets inside information from the Trump White House, the “news” network provided you with plenty of evidence you were right when they accidentally published a draft they were preparing for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s firing.

Fox News says that the draft was being prepared just in case he was fired for his “handling of the bureau during the early months of the Russia investigation, and his ties to the Democratic Party” as well as his ” handling of the Clinton email probe.”

Hours after Fox accidentally announced McCabe’s termination, he was fired just before he was set to retire — a completely political firing urged by Trump intended to punish the career public servant for being a witness in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe –as he noted in a statement:

This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally, but to taint the FBI, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals more generally. It is part of this Administration’s ongoing war on the FBI and the efforts of the Special Counsel investigation, which continue to this day. Their persistence in this campaign only highlights the importance of the Special Counsel’s work.

Trump, of course, called the termination a “great day for democracy”:

Is it possible that Fox News was just preparing in case McCabe was fired? Sure, why not? But it wouldn’t be the first time Republicans leaked information to Fox News in recent history.

Naturally, no one believes Fox’s narrative:

Trump has been dangerous for a long time, but it is reaching the point that if Republicans can’t summon an ounce of patriotism soon it will be too late.