No, Stupids, A Student Wasn’t Suspended For ‘Staying In Class’ During Walkouts

You’ve probably seen conservatives furiously posting about the student who was suspended for “staying in class” during the walkouts this past Wednesday. Never mind that across the country, school kids were punished heavily for skipping 17 minutes of class time to take a stand against gun violence; this one dude who was allegedly punished for not caring at all is the important part, according to the Stupid Part of America.

And stupid they are! Had they (or even some news outlets misrepresenting the story) paid attention, they would know that Hilliard High School in Ohio was one of the seemingly few educational institutions supporting students’ right to participate in the walkout.

The school scheduled 17 minutes for students to go outside and have a memorial for the students who were killed by a deranged Trump-loving gunman in Florida, but no one was forced to participate — not even senior Jacob Shoemaker.

If students wanted to skip the memorial, they were giving the option of enjoying Study Hall where they would still be properly supervised. Hilliard, however, decided to he stay in a classroom when he was not authorized to do so rather than go to the memorial or study hall.

Just like any other time a student is in a classroom alone when he or she is not authorized to do so anywhere in the known universe, Shoemaker was punished for doing that.

Shoemaker says that he was trying to remain politically neutral (the neutral thing would have been study hall) because schools aren’t the place for political statements — like refusing to remain neutral, making a political statement, then immediately whining that you were suspended for “staying in class” rather than for refusing to go to study hall.

shoemaker letter

He was suspended for a single day for refusing to follow instructions — not for refusing to participate in the memorial or for refusing to take what he viewed as “political sides” as the Right is saying on social media. He was also warned repeatedly.

If you see a family member or friend sharing this dumbass story, please be sure to set them straight.